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Use ucd-snmp, check the MIB for packets/sec and octets/sec, do the math on
them, and that gives you an average...

Use RRDTool to make a database and graphs of the data.  (Yes, it's the
replacement for MRTG... )

We're currently graphing just about every numerical piece of data that can
be graphed on all of our IDS systems... And a majority of our other security

Some of the things we graph:  
	bytes, packets, system load, memory usage, cputimes (usr,sys,io),
	database queries, raw disk io, disk usage (space), web hits,
	proxy cache info... 

RRDTool is very configurable so you can store enough data (space
prohibitive) to make graphs as far back as you'd like... 

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Is there any snort - related software to show graphic statistical
distribution the packet size and interarrival time? Zhou


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