[Snort-devel] bus error on OpenBSD 2.8 & SPARC

Michael Scheidell scheidell at ...1197...
Wed May 1 11:02:07 EDT 2002

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> Hello. Sorry if this is covered on some faq somewhere, but I didn't see
> anything at snort.org or deja. I was
> running self-compiled 1.8.1 on OpenBSD 2.8 + SPARC and decided to upgrade to
> 1.8.6. Compiled it,
> got a bus error. Tried downgrading to 1.8.5, compiled with --debug.. same

> thing. Here is the core dump:
> This GDB was configured as "sparc-unknown-openbsd2.8"...

its a 'sparc' thing, gcc and sparc, even on solaris
on solaris, answer is 'compile with native compiler

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