[Snort-devel] RE: regarding recent strcasecmp patch

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Fri Mar 29 14:36:05 EST 2002

As you've requested, I'm including modified strcasecmp patches to be applied
against the 1.9 branch.

This has given me an opportunity to review the initial patch attempt, and
I've found some
improvements that are now incorporated.

I'll let you know that I'm a little uncomfortable with checking this in.

The changes are compile OK, but have not seen actual use.

I note that preceding some of the uses of strncasecmp,
there are "strtok" calls and "strstr" calls to parse up to commas and other
punctuation .
This leads me to believe that there may be trailing whitespace in the token

I intend to try them out further, but they really should get more scrutiny
from the developers who are familiar with the parsing activity.

I hope this doesn't amount to busy work for the community.

I just want folks to know that I have about 80 percent confidence that these
changes are good,
and that all are welcomed to try as an experiment.  But I would not
recommend that you
go to production machines with this just yet.

Best Regards,
-Mike Slifcak

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