[Snort-devel] Snort download site

Brian bmc at ...835...
Tue Mar 19 05:08:19 EST 2002

According to John Zeng:
> Snort.com is moving its download web site from one place to another.  The
> new link doesn't work while old one is removed.  Does anybody know any
> backup site which I can download snort 1.8.3 linux version?

Um... the snort website is www.snort.org, NOT www.snort.com.

We have rearranged the downloads page to make the downloads page load
faster, easier to use, faster for us to update, and easier to support
en-mass downloads.  Oh, and this allows us to have crypto signatures
of the files available for download along with the actual files.

The old pages still work but they are no longer linked off the main

The RPMS which you are looking for is available here:

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