[Snort-devel] database schema: postgresql

Edward Balas ebalas at ...1183...
Thu Mar 7 12:08:30 EST 2002

Hey all,

As a follow up to my comments earlier with week...

I ran some tests with a schema that had referential integrity plus
cascading deletes.  For 44k events it took over 4 hours to delete!
Clearly this required some investigation into the schema because I had
tweeked the kernel and postgresql.conf as well I knew how (which isnt
saying much)  ;-)

anywho after investigating the issue with a colleague and determining that
my logic wrt indexing on foreign keys as faulty, I tried a revised schema.
This time prior to doing the delete I also ran "vaccum analyze".

In my second test the ET dropped to 26 seconds!

So the real question now is what kind of affect will this have on insert

Anywho I guess this goes to show how far a little bit of lovin'
will go with a DBMS...


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