[Snort-devel] RE: [snort-cvs] CVS: snort - danyliw

Kreimendahl, Chad J Chad.Kreimendahl at ...1167...
Mon Mar 4 21:09:15 EST 2002

 Saw this fix for the quote go in... can we get this is the current cvs tree

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From: Roman Danyliw
To: snort-cvsinfo at lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: 3/4/02 12:24 PM
Subject: [snort-cvs] CVS: snort - danyliw

CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/snort
Module name:	snort
Changes by:	danyliw at ...1161...	2002/03/04 10:24:39

Modified files:
	.              : Tag: SNORT_1_8 spo_database.c 

Log message:
- fixed missing quote in TO_DATE of Oracle event table SQL

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