[Snort-devel] weirdness in Snort 1.8.6 on solaris 8

Chris Green cmg at ...402...
Wed Jun 26 05:32:04 EDT 2002

Bret Watson <lists at ...1010...> writes:

> Hi All,
> some weirdness.. running configure for snort-1.8.6 under solaris 8..
> Confiure seems to think it needs to be a cross compiler and sets up
> the tree for win32 compiles... hmm perhaps someone built the source
> snapshot from not clean code?

Mind showing the configure output?  It was built from a make

Are you talking about how it recursively enters the win32 directory
and doesn't do anything?
Chris Green <cmg at ...402...>
Eschew obfuscation.

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