[Snort-devel] --disable-debug enables debug

Bob Perkins rnpnj at ...398...
Tue Jun 25 15:19:03 EDT 2002

--- Fyodor <fygrave at ...1...> wrote:
> Bob Perkins <rnpnj at ...398...> spoke:
> > According to the following extract from the autoconf manual
> > (http://www.gnu.org/manual/autoconf/html_mono/autoconf.html)
> > autoconf and configure are working correctly.  The parameters are for
> > 1) what to do if either enable or disable is used and 2) what to do if
> > neither one is used.
> > 
> Oh true. Agree, our fault then, should be fixed :-) I am wondering if
> someone ever used any --disable* options with snort though (not that they'd
> make much sense, cuz all the 'enable'able options are disabled by default
> anyway :-)), cuz this configure.in pieces were there since the early
> beginning :-)

Yeah, I've been called a troublemaker before.  :-)  When I'm working with a
software package like snort, I like to create a build script with all the
commands and options specified.  That way, if I need to use something like
debug, it's just a matter of changing 'dis' to 'en' in the script and I'm on
my way.  And since my memory is getting short, it's nice to have it all there
in writing when I need to go back a few months later to build a new release.


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