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On Tuesday 25 June 2002 10:49, Manish K Arya wrote:
> hi
>    web based tools wont work for me thats why i m developing log analysis
> tool myself that sub be able to pop up warning messages on a windows
> machine (in real time) so pls tell me purpose of each table and field my
> snort mysql database
> Regards
> ---
> Manish Kumar Arya

If you actually took a look at the site you would see this stuff: 
http://acidlab.sourceforge.net/acid_db_er_v102.html that explains how tables 
are being used.

Another thing is that real-time nIDS is vapour-ware - it doesn't exist, and 
even if it did I don't think that any normal company would have the resources 
to actually make use of it.

If you like the windows pop-up stuff, why not compile snort with the windows 
pop-up stuff?

I personally think all these pop-up stuff disturbs my way of work, as I might 
already be investigating something but the pop-up is blocking my view all the 
time.. But that's me.

Best regards
 Michael Boman

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