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Fri Jun 21 17:55:02 EDT 2002

I Mr. Amechi Martins, the President Nigeria Financial Impropriety Verification
Standing Committee on Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Development
in Nigeria on behalf of my colleagues have decided to bestow a trust on you
which we know you will not betray.

I got your contact address through the Nigeria Foreign Exchange Control
Agency and have decided to propose to you this business on trust basis.

This committee is a panel set up to verify all the contracts on Agriculture,
Water Resouirces and Rural Development awarded to the former military
officials during the military regime. This is so because one ex-commissioner
for Agriculture, Water Resources and Rrural Development Mr. Usman Mustapha
was alleged to be instrumental to the over-inflation of US$85Million contract
awarded during Abacha's regime to Unique Plastics Industry Limited by the
Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Development for the manufacture
and supply of UPVC pipes and accessories to about five states water board in Nigeria.
The contract which contravened all the processes and procedures of the Government
for contract award was found by this committee to be highly inflated to the tune of

This committee also found out that the sum of US$94.6Million approved
and paid by the ex-military head of state, Late Gen. Sani Abacha for
the improvement of Agriculture and Water supply in Nigeria was diverted
by the contractor in-charge in the person of Major Ahmed Orok Ugo. The
verifications were carried out successfully and recovered the total sum
of US$129.6Million but there is an unknown US$52.1Million which accrued
from the over inflation of a contract to the ministry of agriculture,
water resources and rural development for the construction of bridge
at the National Agric Land Development Agency(NALDA) in their about ten
farm settlements in Nigeria. So after our investigations and recovery,
we made known to the government US$129.6Million and nipped the other
US$52.1Million in the bud which I and my colleagues who manouvred this
funds have considered to transfer to an account abroad for futher private
investment purposes and have mandated me on their behalf to carry out the
process without delay. Please, we hope that you will not betray this trust and
confidence we want to repose on you and you are warned to handle this
business with the utmost secrecy and confidentiality. You are assured that
all machineries has been put in place for the smooth and successful transfer
of this money as well as anything that will affect it to 100% hitch free. The
sharing rate of this funds will be discussed as soon as we receive your
zealous determining response to be a partner in this business but your
total commitment and acceptance to help is the most important and the
first priority. I and my colleagues have agreed that our own share of the
money will be invested thereof (in your country or company) based on
your advice. We will arrange to meet with you in your country immediately
this transfer has been successfully executed.

You are required to send to me while replying this letter the following
A. Your full name and address.
B. Your private phone, mobile and fax numbers.
C. Your bank name, swift code, phone and fax numbers.
D. Your bank account number and beneficiary name, through my mailbox

I await eagerly your immediate response, thanks.

Best regards,
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