[Snort-devel] Problem With Installing Snort

Nick Champ nbchamp at ...1425...
Thu Jun 20 02:11:02 EDT 2002


Sorry to bug you but....(And yep - a first time user of SNORT - and also pardon the pun....)

Have had a problem with installing SNORT and have checked the Bugs etc - and there seem to be a few people with the same issue but the requests are all still open.

I am running W98 Rev2 (Yeah.... but it still works), but have upgraded to Explorer 6 (Before trying to install for the first time) and I think this may be the issue. I have tried installing 1.8.3, then 185 and 184 with the same error each time.

I get an error - "cannot find MSIEXEC or one of it's components" just after the install wizard pops up.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks and regards,


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