[Snort-devel] DB changes

Kreimendahl, Chad J Chad.Kreimendahl at ...1167...
Tue Jun 18 12:09:27 EDT 2002

Oracle 9i, though it still supports LONG datatypes, does not provide the
same support as seen in the past.   This patch is for anyone using Oracle.
I recommend it be applied to create_oracle.sql.  Oracle will completely
phase out LONG in the next version... All of this in favor of LOBs.

We've had our DBs set up like this from the beginning, requires no
modification to spo_database.

diff -urN old-create_oracle.sql new-create_oracle.sql
--- old-create_oracle.sql  Tue Jun 18 13:04:27 2002
+++ new-create_oracle.sql   Tue Jun 18 13:04:27 2002
@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@
         opt_proto       INT NOT NULL,
         opt_code        INT NOT NULL,
         opt_len         INT,
-        opt_data        LONG,
+        opt_data        BLOB,
         PRIMARY KEY (sid,cid,optid));
@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@
         sid             INT NOT NULL,
         cid             INT NOT NULL,
-        data_payload  LONG,
+        data_payload  BLOB,
         PRIMARY KEY (sid,cid));

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