[Snort-devel] Snort-1.8.4-beta1 available

Martin Roesch roesch at ...402...
Tue Jan 29 21:32:02 EST 2002

Hi gang,
    Snort 1.8.4-beta1 is available at
http://www.snort.org/releases/snort-1.8.4-beta1.tar.gz, for those of you who
feel like testing out the latest and greatest, please download this and
check it out.  If it's stable and no huge bugs are found, I'll try to
release it this weekend.

Here's a list of what's fixed:

* ICMP header size calculation fix
* Stream4 aggregate stream size calculations fixed
* Stream4 retransmission resolution code handles retransmissions more
* Stream4 puts proper Ethernet headers on traffic that have the proper DLT
* Frag2 now favors old data over new
* Frag2 has enhanced teardrop detection and event code
* Nessus URLs added to cross reference list
* Updated config.guess, Mac OS X should be properly detected by ./configure
* InitializeInterfaces() call added after GoDaemon() as a heinous kludge for
Linux users going non-promiscuous when the daemon process forks
* Enhanced error checking in the "content" rule parser
* Spo_unified fixed for non-packet event generation
* General code cleanup

Please be aware this is a *beta* release, send your bug reports to
snort-users, snort-devel or me, NOT Bugtraq.


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