[Snort-devel] Request for commentary: Biological Network Secu rity Protocol

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You might want to read about IDMEF and IDXP which are both IETF draft
standards.  IODEF might be worth checking out as well.


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> Security Protocol
> The security world grows closer and closer to integrating different
> components (firewalls, virus scanners, intrusion detection systems,
> etc), but there is still no open protocol.  Instead each vendor is
> building a proprietary internal protocol which only works with
> their systems.  I have a proposal for a foundation to build a
> security protocol for communicating security events, actions and
> the like not only between trusted systems but across networks both
> trusted and untrusted.  The goal would be to not only get added
> functionality as proposed in the article, but also to be able to
> get inter-operability, so you could have a snort IDS working with a
> cisco IDS, a checkpoint firewall, NT servers, sun servers and so
> on.  It is currently available on security focus at:  
>     http://www.securityfocus.com/guest/10094
> -Brandon Gillespie
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