[Snort-devel] Request for commentary: Biological Network Security Protocol

Brandon Gillespie brandon at ...1107...
Mon Jan 28 12:40:02 EST 2002

The security world grows closer and closer to integrating different
components (firewalls, virus scanners, intrusion detection systems,
etc), but there is still no open protocol.  Instead each vendor is
building a proprietary internal protocol which only works with their
systems.  I have a proposal for a foundation to build a security
protocol for communicating security events, actions and the like
not only between trusted systems but across networks both trusted
and untrusted.  The goal would be to not only get added functionality
as proposed in the article, but also to be able to get
inter-operability, so you could have a snort IDS working with a cisco
IDS, a checkpoint firewall, NT servers, sun servers and so on.  It is
currently available on security focus at:


-Brandon Gillespie

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