[Snort-devel] Snort Stops Logging and don´t show the right statistics

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Thu Jan 24 19:45:04 EST 2002

"Bernard Jesolowitz" <b_j at ...1086...> writes:

> First:
> After it runs for a while it stops logging. 
> When i send a SIGHUP to snort it´s start logging again.

Please follow BUGS info as closely as possible.  Need to know
configuration info.

> Second:
> When I send the SIGUSR1 signal to snort, the output in the messages log
> says me that snort drops: 0%  
> But I know, that snort drops a lot of packets!!

See the mailing list archives for snort-users (where non-developement
discussion should take place).  Linux pcap until
recently didn't keep traffic stats. Upgrade to CVS pcap from
www.tcpdump.org and link against that if you want the statistics.

Chris Green <cmg at ...81...>
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