[Snort-devel] linux/sparc BUS ERROR [more info]

Roelof JT Jonkman roel at ...60...
Tue Jan 15 13:13:10 EST 2002

You might want to try gcc 3.0.3 (compile flags -mcpu=v9 -m32)

I've had reasonable luck with that on solaris. I'm not sure
how well adapted linux is to ultrasparcs.... 

I quickly glanced at the code, and I can't see an
obvious alignment problem. So a far out guess
is that p->iph->ip_src is pointing at an unaligned
boundary. (print p->iph->ip_src in gdb...)
ip_src is a struct in_addr, so odds are that needs to
be at an 8 byte aligned boundary, it may fly if it's
at a 4 byte boundary.. But my guess is that this will
go away when you change compilers. 2.96 didn't
even compile linux kernels right at some point, so 
2.96 is suspect.

Security Engineer

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