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Sun Jan 13 18:55:02 EST 2002

On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 tlewis at ...255... wrote:

> The string examinations within an ACBM stage have to procede in the
> opposite direction from the direction of traversal.  So, if you want
> to use strcmp and friends, which procede from left-to-right, then your
> overall direction of travel has to be right-to-left.
> In Hank's ACBM implementation, I wrote my own strcmp's that procede rtl;
> my reasoning is that I want to be able to search on unbounded streams,
> and that necessitates forward-progressing searches.

Wow, it's funny how a few months can make you a non-expert on your
own code!  The general explanation holds, but hank's implementation is,
uhh, subtle.

Todd Lewis
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