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sorry about the lack of detail.  hopefully this will help...

i currently have snort logging to a postgres database.
when i configure the tagging option on an alert and there is a hit on that
alert, the hit is correctly logged with sig_id (sid), sig_name (msg), etc.
however, the tagged packets after the original alert are logged with the
next available sig_id and a blank sig_name.
i was just wondering if there are plans to add a way to define the "msg"
parameter for tagged packets.
maybe something like take the msg of an alert ("WEB-MISC directory
traversal") and add "(session)" to the end ("WEB-MISC directory traversal
(session)") as the msg entry for its tagged packets.



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"Hamilton, Brian O." <BOHamilton at ...1551...> writes:

> (currently running 1.8)
> are there plans or does 1.9 already address the issue of tagged packets
> being logged with a sid_name?

Logged to what output system?  My hunch is no but I don't have any
idea what you are talking about :)

> -brian

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