[Snort-devel] libpcap-0.8.0809 (support for mmap mode on linux platforms)

Phil Wood cpw at ...86...
Fri Aug 9 15:51:02 EDT 2002


Just wanted to see if you were still out there, and let you know that
there is a new libpcap with some of the libpcap-0.8 stuff (maybe all)

  libpcap-0.8.0809.tar.gz, README, size: 299149, version: 0.8.0809

  check out:


  without change to the environment variables the unix commands will work
  until sometime 8/10/2002.

What's new with beta release (August 9, 2002).

Incorporated tcpdump.org current libpcap-0.8 features.  This involved
mainly the addition of pcap_findalldevs. The ring code was not
modified. It would be nice if you tested this and let me know how it
goes. Applications that want to use pcap_findalldevs must be re-coded
to call the feature. As far as I can tell, on linux it finds all the
devices in /proc/net/dev and adds the "any" device, and then you can
reference them by a number (1, 2, ...) with the "-i" switch.

Will the MMAP libpcap package compile on Solaris 8 or freeBSD

By golly, it will, and it will generated a shared library too. But,
you would need to install flex and bison along with all the other gnu
programming environment stuff like autoconf, etc. Also, solaris and BSD
is not linux, so mmap stuff is not relevant.

I'd be glad to hear from you.


Phil Wood, cpw at ...86...

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