[Snort-devel] Mysql schema and snort -current and flexresp

renegade renegade at ...1525...
Wed Aug 7 03:27:02 EDT 2002

i have installed snort 1.9beta 1, and im am trying to get it to log to a mysql 
db, i check the version of the schema, it shows 105, but snort keeps saying 
that it is 103.

1) how can i get it to properly log to the mysql db again, it was working 

2) this may be off topic, but also im using the flexresp code/plugin, and 
idoes not seenm to be blocking some of the traffic. 

react:: block; resp: rst_all; is what i ahve on 4 test rules, 2 of which are 
nimda rules just for testing. im still seeing that traffic come thru, any 


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