[Snort-devel] Status of Unix socket output?

Nick Zitzmann dreamless at ...1522...
Tue Aug 6 06:02:02 EDT 2002


I was wondering who, if anyone was maintaining the 
spo_alert_unixsock output plugin these days. I've had two issues 
with it in 1.8.x, and I looked at 1.9 and didn't see anything 
really new. The issues:

1. Placing a socket in /dev is not allowed on some Unix OSen, and
2. Not enough data is getting logged. (No IP addresses or ports, 
etc. get logged right now.)

If someone is maintaining the plugin, who is it I can talk to 
about this? If no one is maintaining the plugin, how would I go 
about proposing changes?


Nick Zitzmann
ICQ: 22305512

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