[Snort-devel] ./configure fails on AIX

Michael Felt mamfelt at ...404...
Thu Apr 18 13:39:30 EDT 2002

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I have been busy. I'll pick it up via CVS sometime next week.
I shall also install a version of gcc that is easily available for AIX 
(2.9.something) and see if things work better then.
At 02:28 PM 09-04-02, you wrote:
>Michael Felt <mamfelt at ...404...> writes:
> > Thanks, I'll try it.
> > However, I am also willing to try testing and/or fixing the build 
> procedure
> > so that it becomes less dependent on gcc. Probably means I am going to 
> have
> > to learn about all the a(wful) (in my view) commands, because they are
> > making such a hash of all configuration files. (What was once a 
> solution is
> > becoming the problem).
>If you're going to go through effort to learn, please use the CVS head
> >
> > I could go thru the error messages each time, but I would like to be able
> > to edit the Makefile as I do. Have you got some suggestions (for reading)
> > regarding how the configure process (not just the script) is
> > organized.
>GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool isn't a bad introduction to how
>these things work.
>The amazon page has lots of details
> >
> > I havent been active in systems development for about 8 years, but before
> > that I was THE techy in several development teams (for about 12 years).
> > Maybe I havent 'lost' it entirely.
> >
> > p.s. snort is the second, no third project that doesnt compile directly 
> out
> > of the gz archive. (php, m4 are first and second).
>We could use the previous paragraph to explain why it doesn't work ;-)
I am getting php to build (at least I did once, but I cant repeat it. The 
configure/build process is excessively complex for php.

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