[Snort-devel] Problems after 1.8.3 upgrade to 1.8.6

Erek Adams erek at ...105...
Fri Apr 12 16:08:10 EDT 2002

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Michael Lafreniere wrote:

> /root/rules is a directory containing all the *.rules files and
> snort.conf.  This is how the last guy had it setup so figured I wouldn't
> mess with what's working.  I've also run it /usr/local/bin/snort -
> c /root/rules/*.rules -T just incase this made a diff (thought of it just
> now) and same error.

OK, one thing to check.  In the snort.conf file there is a variable that's
'new'.  It's called $RULE_PATH.  Unless I'm wrong, it's pointing to the wrong
place and snort is trying to load it's config and/or rules file as
"/root/rules" and _not_ "/root/rules/whatever".  Check the script that is
calling snort and make sure it's really pointing to a .conf file and not just
to a directory name.  Also make sure the $RULE_PATH is set in the snort.conf
file as well.

Hope this helps...

Erek Adams

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