[Snort-devel] Output plug in development

Joshua Laase Joshua.Laase at ...1251...
Wed Apr 10 14:52:55 EDT 2002

I am thinking about developing a custom output plug in and I was wondering
if anyone could point me in the right direction.  I have searched through
the archives of this mailing list and did not any information on developing
an output plug-in, but I did read about a few people doing this.   I was
told to look at spo_template.c and spo_template.h, but I did not find these
in the CVS server.  I have also read the Plugin readme, but that is from
1999 and only mentions detection and preprocessors plugins.

I am find with wading through the output plug code that is already in place,
but I would hate to work my way through issues that may already be know or
get trapped by any known pitfalls.

Thanks for any information you can send my way.

If I get enough information and there is a need I will gladly volunteer to
write an Output Plugin readme.

Thanks again,


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