[Snort-devel] ./configure fails on AIX

Michael Felt mamfelt at ...404...
Tue Apr 9 02:05:06 EDT 2002

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Thanks, I'll try it.
However, I am also willing to try testing and/or fixing the build procedure 
so that it becomes less dependent on gcc. Probably means I am going to have 
to learn about all the a(wful) (in my view) commands, because they are 
making such a hash of all configuration files. (What was once a solution is 
becoming the problem).

I could go thru the error messages each time, but I would like to be able 
to edit the Makefile as I do. Have you got some suggestions (for reading) 
regarding how the configure process (not just the script) is organized.

I havent been active in systems development for about 8 years, but before 
that I was THE techy in several development teams (for about 12 years). 
Maybe I havent 'lost' it entirely.

My interest in snort is as a education consultant. I am in the process of 
doing a high-level design for intrusion detection and reporting. I am 
trying to base the development on openProject/openSource software for as 
wide an audience as possible. (If commercial products want me to do a 
course for them they will have to give it to me free, provide tech support 
for free, and pay me as well - so rather than wait for all that to happen 
(money is tight these days) - go open source.

p.s. snort is the second, no third project that doesnt compile directly out 
of the gz archive. (php, m4 are first and second).

As a start I get makeinfo onto my system and rerun the ./configure script 
and see if that 'fixes' the creation of Makefile.

And next time, I'll be a little less wordy!

Michael Felt
At 06:25 PM 08-04-02 -0400, you wrote:
>Michael Felt <mamfelt at ...404...> writes:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am trying to compile snort on AIX 5.1 using IBM vac.C 5.0.2.X
> > compiler.
>We typically target gcc on unix platforms since everyone can get it (
>although x86 is the platform that recieves the most testing ).
> > "snort.h", line 66.10: 1506-296 (S) #include file <pcap-namedb.h> not 
> found.
> > "debug.h", line 66.61: 1506-277 (S) Syntax error: possible missing ';' 
> or ','?
>static __inline__ void DebugMessage(int dbg,char *fmt, ...) {}
>is the line thats causing you problems
>try static void DebugMessage(int dbg,char *fmt, ...) {}
>Chris Green <cmg at ...402...>
>Eschew obfuscation.

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