[Snort-devel] ARPSpoof plugin and more

Chris Green cmg at ...402...
Fri Apr 5 08:12:59 EST 2002

Fabrice Devaux <fab at ...1233...> writes:

> So the first thing I looked into was off course the ARPspoof
> preprocessor included with snort.
> So basicly what I would like my preproc. to do is :
> - Look at all packets and not only arp traffic
> - Report changes in mac - ip couples
> - Report unseen mac / ip addresses
> Now what I would like to know is :
> - What do you think of it ?
> - Has anyone tried something like this before or is anyone working on
> such a thing ?

Thats what arpwatch does.  It's a stand alone program and it does what
it does very well.  Doing this type of thing in snort wouldn't be bad
as it's been requested a lot but for wishing to do "research" type
activities, its reinventing the wheel.
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