[Snort-devel] DisplayBanner() Bug (1.8.1-Release, Solaris 2.6 on SPARC)

Whitson, John jwhitson at ...823...
Tue Sep 18 18:06:02 EDT 2001

Perhaps I have missed this elsewhere, but ...

When running the configure script, I encounter the following problem.

(in config.h):
	#define	 PACKAGE	1
	#define	VERSION	1

Yet in DisplayBanner() in snort.c, VERSION is referenced as "%s".

Hence, when I start snort, it seg faults on displaying the banner.

I am using the 1.8.1-RELEASE distribution, GCC 2.95.2, on Sun Solaris 2.6
Generic 105181_-26, with the following configure script invocation:

./configure --prefix=/nnsrv20/disk7/NX/sun4

The bug appears to be somewhere in the configure script, but that is beyond
me. My fix is to edit config.h to correctly reflect the two strings.

John Whitson, Technical Staff
Defense Mission Systems - Bethpage, NY
Northrop Grumman Information Technology
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Telephone 516.346.2892

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