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Mon Sep 10 16:57:02 EDT 2001

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On Monday 10 September 2001 22:04, Erek Adams wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Alex Jokela wrote:
> > Why not have a way to get the parameters passed to "configure".  I know
> > PHP4 does this.  you can view this information and a lot more with its
> > phpinfo(); function.
> That would be the ideal thing, but I've got no idea of how hard that would
> be to implement.  With 2.0 peeking around the corner, I'd rather not take
> time away from needed coding.  :)  My little whining isn't needed at all...

I have already written the code for this a couple of weeks ago and posted it 
to -devel for comments. Anyway, here it is the patch again. It patch cleanly 
against 1.8.1-RELEASE.

Oh, BTW: do not forget to run "autoconf" after applying the patch else the 
./configure lines won't be included.

Best regards
 Michael Boman

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