[Snort-devel] RFE: -V option expansion

Alex Jokela teknikl at ...608...
Mon Sep 10 05:58:01 EDT 2001

Why not have a way to get the parameters passed to "configure".  I know PHP4
does this.  you can view this information and a lot more with its phpinfo();

just a thought.


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On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Jed Pickel wrote:

> Does anyone know where these RPMs (without db support) are coming
> from?

No idea.  From what I gather, some users are rolling thier own, and then
giving that RPM out to others...

> The -V option listing what is supported seems like a good idea --
> although I don't see a quick and dirty way without adding another call
> for plugins to register.
> Something like AddFuncToVersionList(void (*func)) perhaps.

Oh, well...  I was hoping for something simple, not something to change
single plugin!

> Till then -- note that upon executing, the db plugin currently lists
> what it supports.
> Look for a line like this:
>   database: compiled support for (mysql postgresql)

Yes, that's handy.  In fact, it was very useful in tracking down a rather
bizzare error someone was having just yesterday. :)

Erek Adams

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