[Snort-devel] paengine additions?

Matthew Callaway matt at ...807...
Fri Sep 7 10:36:02 EDT 2001


This is a first post to the list, apologies if I've missed info on the
following topic.

I've hunted through the archives looking for information on Todd Lewis'
work on the paengine additions to snort.  I am very interested in
getting snort to make routing decisions for packets (i.e. dropping
them).  Todd sounds like he's got ideas on how to make this work.  I'd
like to help, but I can't find any specifics on this.  Can anyone
(Todd?) point me to what currently exists and what state it's in?

I should mention that I'm interested in trying to get this to work with
the Linux 2.2.x kernel series, and not using iptables.  Not sure if this
is possible.

I'd love to hear from folks interested in this, or from folks who have
started work.



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