[Snort-devel] Snort Monitor - a BeOS App

Peter Moore peter at ...799...
Sun Oct 28 01:49:03 EDT 2001

fellow snorters,
    i've got an app underway for BeOS called Snort Monitor. It uses the 
PostgreSQL database  where Snort is logging its' data to.
i have some screenshots here:
(the snort-monitor.png series of screenshots.)

my question is, what would you normally want to see in an app like this? i 
have put in the simple things i want to see and of course i can only display 
it if it's being logged in the database :-)

i had a look at DEMARC and probably will incorporate some of the things it 
displays, but i just thought i'd get some feedback here as well.
thanks in advance
Peter Moore

peter at ...799...
ICQ 926967 (old) 95022055 (new - Oct 18, 2000)

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