[Snort-devel] Libpcap

Rob rvmcmil at ...891...
Tue Oct 23 17:11:01 EDT 2001

I am having some problems capturing large packets.  For example, I am
executing the following command on a Linux box

        ping localhost -c 1 -s 30000

and snort gets the fragments OK, but if I do the following

        ping localhost -c 1 -s 50000

I only get one.

If I do this

        ping localhost -c 1 -s 60000

I get nothing.  I am pretty sure it's a problem with libpcap > .6 because
tcpdump is behaving the same way.  I happen to have an old binary of snort
1.7, which I must have compiled with an other version of libpcap that
behaves as it should (gets all the fragments).  Is there a way to tell what
version a snort binary was linked to?  Like tcpdump -V ?

Is anyone else have such problems?


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