[Snort-devel] [bug] DecodeIPOnly ()

Guillaume Valadon doug at ...879...
Thu Oct 11 09:35:13 EDT 2001


While playing with snort, i found a little "bug" in icmp unreachable treatement.

When the IP header of the icmp packet as a fragment offset field different than 
zero and MF bit is not set, tcp ports will not be extract.

in decode.c line 1444 we have:
if (p->frag_offset || p->mf)

I think "&&" is better than "||" here. Ok it's a bogus IP header, but is it a 
snort problem and treatement should go on and not stop here.

When we just have 4 bytes left in IP data in the IP packet that triggers a icmp 
unreachable, tcp ports will not be extract

in decode.c line 1464 we have:
if (ip_len > 4)

">=" is ok here.

These two icmp packets where found in the wild and i reproduce them with 
Net::RawIP. I put pcap dump of these packets in attachements (just feed snort 
with this file).

Please don't blame me if you didn't understand what i am saying i have some 
difficulty with english :*)


ps: i use snort 1.8.1
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