[Snort-devel] Further info on traps from Snort (mib bug)

Robert D. Hughes rob at ...825...
Thu Oct 4 05:44:01 EDT 2001

First, a big thanks to Chris and Glenn for helping my understand how to
get this working.

So, now I have traps coming into NNM, but I noticed that they weren't
following the formatting I'd done for them. When I highlighted an event
and told the alarm browser to configure the event, I got an error
stating that it didn't exist. After a bit of poking I realized that the
trap that's coming in has the number . but the
enterprise for snortIDSAlertMIB had been added with an enterprise number
of . This was confusing NNM. I went into
trapd.conf and edited the enterprise number to match that coming in with
the traps and now everything works exactly as expected and I have alarms
coming into my central console, along with the rest of my network
element events. Now to see what I can do with some ECS pair-wise
circuits ;)

I see a lot of things I really like in snort, and now I'm just sorry I
didn't start using it sooner. Thanks to all for a really great piece of
industrial quality software.

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