[Snort-devel] Is it possble you have a developer who is not on the right side?

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Mon Nov 19 07:33:03 EST 2001


I am amazed that you would issue this sort of posting without more specific
evidence than you have so far. I've been on this list long enough to know
that if what you are saying is indeed true, you would certainly not be the
only one posting this issue on the list.

Even if this package you downloaded _did_ contain what seems to be a virus,
you would of course have filtered it through a scanner such as NAV or McAfee
before installing and running it in your production environment.

A man with your experience should know better that to rely on a second-rate,
wannabe OS as MS Windows in the first place.

Chris Hansen
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  I downloaded your package yesterday...I've been in the industry 22 years
and I know what I'm doing...
  I didn't alter the configuration, but since it's been downloaded - I've
had to kill my network link 3 times...
  I have a high speed cable line...one of my NT machines has launched
numerous attacks across the
  internet..and not even machines I contacted...i.e., incremental IP address
and Port...
  .how do I know, I have several tools...including a sniffer...

  I think you should take a look at the Windows version of the
download...I've seen enough evidence myself
  to suggest it is seriously tainted by someone...it may not be as easy as
testing it, as they have maybe
  programmed to make sure it's not a "home address"....it's no joke.

  Like I said, I'm no rookie...I do analyze networks for a living....I'm
deleting this code, and the install...
  and I won't recommend this package to anyone until you can explain what

  Feel free to call me...

     Ted Hulick

  ps- Unless your code is seriously buggy, you have a/some tainted
developers playing games.....
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