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Just in case anyone missed this....

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Subject: Security Bugware Announcement

               w w w . s e c u r i t y b u g w a r e . o r g

                    > S O F T W A R E  R E L E A S E <

                     < New Libnet(1.0.2a) Win32 DLL >

                  < Win32 Packet Compiling Environment >

What is this about ?

First off, some propaganda : There  is  new  stuff  on  www.securitybugware.org,
Irib put up the security bug search engine, try it out !

Now on Libnet, this network packet construction library was  initially  released
for Windows by Ryan of eeye security team. We're bringing  you  a  new  release,
with much improvment :

 - 100 % compatible code with libnet/unix, which means a unique source tree
to compile your beloved tools under windows&unix. All libnet/unix functions  are

 - 100 % GPL raised and grown, this release was compiled with the MingWin
(2.95.2) gcc port, and comprehensible makefiles are provided to build  your  own
set of tools.

 - Latest Libnet package (1.0.2a).

 - Fully re-entrant "raw_socket" emulation via the link layer interface
with home-made arp cache.

 - Memory leaks and various bugs fixed (i.e : proper checksum for the
ethernet header when using raw sockets, memory freed on  closing  the  interface

 - Cleaner libnet source tree integration

 What are the availabe package ?

Download libnetNT-1.2.0a.zip from www.securitybugware.org, to get the dll's,  .a
and sources

Download PacketBuild-1.0.zip from www.securitybugware.org, to  get  your  packet
compiling environment which includes :  libnet  library  and  sources,  win-pcap
[1], MingWin [2] compiler distro ready to run


 How do I re-compile the libnetNT library and the test programs ?

Get the "PacketBuild" package, open  a  DOS  prompt,  start  the  "compiler.bat"
batch, move to the "libnet" directory and run :

 - make -f makefile.win  -> to build the library
 - make -f makefile.test-> to build the three test programs : link layer
test program, raw sockets test program  and  packet  library  test  program  (to
display adapter names).

Why did you put a "packet" file which looks the same as "packet.dll" in the  sys
 dir ?

As you could notice the libnet dll is linked with wpcap which is  itself  linked
to the packet dll. However the gcc build provided (via cygwin  compiler)  missed
to specify the .dll extension for packet, and since I was too lasy to  recompile
it with the proper flags we just copy and paste that dll omiting  the  extension
in our program directory.

 Hey this dosen't work on Windows 95/98/Me !!??

Try recompiling the library  adding  "-DWIN95"  to  the  CFLAGS  directive,  and
replacing the Windows 95/98 build of winpcap  in  the  /lib  directory  [1].  No

Enjoy - Jitsu-Disk. <jitsu at ...941...>

 [1] http://netgroup-serv.polito.it/winpcap
 [2] http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/software/gnu-win32/ (old site)
     http://mingw.sourceforge.net/ (new site)
 [3] http://netgroup-serv.polito.it/winpcap/install/bin/WinPcap.exe

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