[Snort-devel] 2GB maximum binary log file size...

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Mon Nov 12 07:03:05 EST 2001

"Abe L. Getchell" <abegetchell at ...243...> writes:

> Is there any good reason why the "magic #define" or the new LFS
> interfaces aren't used in Snort?  This added file size limit would be
> very handy for those of us using Snort which are grabbing mass amounts
> of data off of high volume networks.

No one has really brought it up yet AFAIK.  You might wish to try the
magic define approach until a proper solution can be worked out...

Are the open64's/etc. supposed to be used on Solaris as well?  What
other OSes support it?  


#define __USE_FILE_OFFSET64 in snort.h and it should get propigated

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