[Snort-devel] Re: tag: segfaults;

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Tue Nov 6 00:47:08 EST 2001

Pascal Bouchareine <pb at ...858...> writes:

> Okay, guess I have it.
> This is snort 1.8.2, same behaviour with an older copy from cvs.
> Repeated this behaviour only with snort running in daemon mode (-D).
> The ssn_tag_cache_ptr sounds unitialized in the forked process.
> Having a closer look, I noticed a little mess around conf_done,
> ReadConfFile(), and there seems to be a missing InitTag(), in 
> ReadConfFile() line 3192.
> This works fine now this init() is done.

I'm slow right now. What mess around conf_done?  Do you think it's
possible that you have accidentally made local changes?

This is snort.c 1.8.2 release ( with some added line numbers )

308 if(pv.use_rules && !conf_done)
310     SanityChecks();

        /* initialize all the plugin modules */

#ifdef DEBUG
319     DumpPreprocessors();

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