[Snort-devel] BeOS BONE patches

Peter Moore peter at ...799...
Sun Nov 4 23:22:01 EST 2001

now that i have Snort 1.8.2 compiled, installed and working i shall start 
submitting my patches.
the last patch will be to the configuration script so that the correct 
options are set for BeOS BONE.
(fyi BONE is the yet to be released, but widely "unofficially" distributed 
BeOS Networking Environment)

i'll submit them on a file by file basis and there's only 6 files which are 
affected so bear with me :)
Peter Moore

peter at ...799...
Main +61 3 9876 0694 (in Aus 03 9876 0694)
ICQ 926967 (old) 95022055 (new - Oct 18, 2000)

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