[Snort-devel] High CPU utilization

Sjsnort sjsnort at ...398...
Sun May 27 03:55:03 EDT 2001


I built Snort-1.8 beta5 Build 24 and updated it from the CVS repository. I
am getting about 30% CPU utilization for about 2 Mbps on a Dual-CPU 450-MHz
UltraSparc-II box with 1 GB of RAM. I also run Snort 1.7 on the same box
which is consuming 15% CPU for the same traffic. The rules are from
arachnids with a few commented out and the both processes logging to a Mysql
database on the same server.

I think the CPU utilization is too high. At this rate, for even traffics
like 10 Mbps, i will have to get really powerful machines or face an evasion



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