[Snort-devel] Inter-Sensor Communication? (long)

Thomas Whipp tkw at ...415...
Mon May 21 04:20:36 EDT 2001

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> From: Frank Knobbe [mailto:FKnobbe at ...339...]
> Sent: 20 May 2001 19:55
> I think the question is, should inter-sensor
> communication be implemented in a mesh (mess?), or by
utilizing a
> master/controller host? (This is assuming that all sensors
see the
> traffic and respond, as in worst-case. If only one sensor
> it would be only 19 packets/conns)

Would it need to be a mesh?  wouldn't some form of
propogation via neighbours (ala OSPF) be suitable...
multiple neighbours would provide some resilience and the
level of interconnections would be kept sane.


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