[Snort-devel] Latest CVS broken?

A.L.Lambert max at ...425...
Tue May 15 21:34:19 EDT 2001

> Try snort -d -c /etc/snort/snort.conf Otherwise is doesn't dump the
> application layer. I also use -D -A full -u snort FYI Even tho my
> snort CVS is from May 12th, I'll download the latest and see if there
> is any difference.
> Peter rottz at securityflaw dot com

	No command line switches I can try make any difference.  When
using any kind of ruleset, it refuses to take note of any bad things I do
to it (it picks up fine when no rules are specified).  And yes, my usual
snort command line switches are much more involved than "-c file.conf". :)  
I was just bringing it down the base level in testing trying to get it to
at least pretend to work.  :)

-- A.L.Lambert
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