[Snort-devel] Classification (priorities) + bug fix for database plugin

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Fri May 11 15:00:53 EDT 2001

Enclosed are three patches which add support for classification
in the database plug-in.

+ Database schema v102
+ Support for rule classification in the database plug-in
+ Modified database DDL scripts to support classification 
(added table sig_class, modified table signature)
+ Added indexes in the create_postgresql
+ Fixed bug and memory leak in Database() for rules which are 
IP-only that improperly allocate and corrupt the SQLQuery * 
linked list

For those of you concerned.  A partial upgrade from DB schema
100/101=>102 is straightforward.  If desired, a script can
be created and posted.

Please test extensively.  This functionality would be nice to sneak
into the 1.8 release.


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