[Snort-devel] FreeTDS Snort Support

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Tue May 8 22:58:32 EDT 2001

> I'm looking at adding support for FreeTDS (which supports Sybase and MS SQL
> Servers) to Snort.  After briefly glancing through the current database
> code, it doesn't look like it would be too hard to implement.  

It is rather straight forward to add additional databases, now that
the framework of the plugin has been established.  Essentially,
it will involve:

- updating DatabaseInit() to allow a new DB type to be registered
-  making the DB specific function calls out of Connect(), 
Insert(), and Select() in the apprpriately created #defines.
- creating the appropriate DDL script to create the DB
(ala contrib/create_sybase, create_mssql)
- modifying configure.in to detect the DB libraries 

> I'd like to
> make sure that no one else is working on it, so I don't duplicate someone
> else's work.  

To my knowledge no one is doing any work to incorporate any
of these DBs

> Also, which is the preferred source for me to work on?  Should
> I try to build it against the CVS source, or just make a patch against 1.7?

Work against the current CVS source.

Good luck, Sybase and MS SQL Server will be nice additions


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