[Snort-devel] inquiry

Todd Lewis tlewis at ...255...
Sun May 6 12:58:30 EDT 2001

1) This is not an appropriate question for snort-devel, and all further such
questions should be sent to snort-users or a networking forum.

2) It doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Whether it does or not is an artifact of
the protocol and the implementation.  E.g., 53 <-> 53 usually indicates that you
have two name servers talking to each other.  If you have a question about a
particular protocol, then it's probably best to ask the experts on that protocol
in the appropriate internet forum.

Todd Lewis
tlewis at ...255...

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Wright, Gregory wrote:

> Hey Gang,
> When packets go across the network and the Destinationa and the Source port
> are the same what is that telling me or what does that really mean? I have
> not been able to get a clear explantion on that. e.s.p source port 21 and
> destinaton 21, or source port 53 and destination port 53. Please help if you
> can.
> Gregory

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