[Snort-devel] Enterprise tree for SNMP Alerts

Glenn Mansfield Keeni glenn at ...486...
Wed Jun 27 21:44:07 EDT 2001

        I am in the stage of  polishing up the output plugin that will
send SNMP alerts.  I hope to get it through in the next few days.
        Before we rlease this to the community, I would like to know 
whether we (Snort) have an assigned private enterprise number.
In the present prototype, I am using my company's MIB tree 
rooted at the company's IANA assigned private enterprise 
number. But it is more appropriate for the Snort package to
use its own assigned enterprise number.
       If Snort does not have an assigned enterprise number,
if I am allowed to, I will make an application on behalf of snort.org
for assigning a private enterprise number for Snort.org. I also
volunteer to manage Snorts MIB Tree - once it gets assigned.

Please let me know.



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