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I am a Masters student at University of Toledo. I am doing my thesis on Intrusion Detection using Neural Networks. I am done with the literature survey and studied the basics of IDS. My thesis will study the role of recurrent neural networks for anomaly detection in IDS. I am planning to make a realtime/offline IDS based on the normal behavior of system. Neural networks should reduce detection time and use less resources (after training is done).

Currently I am compiling the training and testing data for the IDS. Can you send me some suggestions/information on which attacks should be considered. Also is it possible for me to get already collected data from some archive?

Neural networks can also be used to do preliminary investigation of raw data (feature extraction, compression) and then other techniques can be used on processed data. This can be done by creating DLL files and attaching it to your software. Does your software give the facility of adding DLL files to possibly improve its performance?

I will be working on this thesis for next 1 year and will like to contribute something useful in this field.
Your suggestions will be valuable to me ..

Waiting for your reply ..
Maheshkumar Sabhnani
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