[Snort-devel] bug. prbobly gcc 3's pickyness

MrSquish squish at ...471...
Wed Jun 20 11:47:34 EDT 2001

here's some info
i'm using snort 1.7 it compiled before (gcc 2.95.3) but now with gcc..
System Linux 2.4.5 gcc 3.0 glibc 2.2.3 i686 (pentium 2)
and it segfaults.. 
o gdb doesn't seem to work either.. very well though (i compiled it with
2.95.3) anyway it compiles fine.. i could send you a binary but stripped i
don't think it'll do you very good (it's huge otherwise) anyway. hope this
helps i really like snort! ^_^ 

See ya. 

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