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Fri Jun 15 00:01:40 EDT 2001

Hey Todd,
	Pardon my ignorance, like I've said before I'm no programmer, but
how could this be accomplished with one source tree?  It was my
understanding that various OS's have drastically different threading models,
and thus the code would have to be drastically different depending on the OS
it's being compiled on.  Is this not true?  I know that writing
multithreaded apps isn't hard, I've done it before, but I can't imagine
trying and take all of the threading idiosyncrasies of the over twenty OS's
that Snort runs on and put them all into one pretty package.


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> On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 agetchel at ...358... wrote:
> > Hi Siddhartha,
> > 	No one ever said there wasn't an advantage to having 
> Snort threaded,
> > it was just stated that it probably wasn't going to happen. =)
> On the contrary, I think that it will happen.
> > I think
> > everyone agrees that threading Snort to allow it to take 
> advantage of
> > multiple processors would help performance, but the real 
> question is can
> > this be done without hurting the portability of the code?  
> The answer was a
> > resounding 'no'.
> It might have been resounding, but it was not unanimous.
> > I think that the Snort developers are on the right track
> > when it comes to releasing Snort 2.0 to have the _capability_ to be
> > threaded, but I sure wouldn't want to be the one to manage all those
> > different source trees... =)
> It will be one source tree and a simple one at that.  
> Threading is not hard.
> --
> Todd Lewis
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